These Are Dangerous Waters

Do you Have Water Damage?


DID YOU KNOW that even a little bit of water in the wrong place can be utterly dangerous?

That’s right. You want your home to be clean and dry, but once in a while, it happens… a pipe breaks, a basement floods, or a roof doesn’t do its job and the water comes right in.

While a small amount of water can be cleaned up easily, large amounts require a professional service. And the “categories” of water damage should be considered, no matter how much water is involved.

Category 1: Normal, “clean” water from a clean source like a leaky pipe, a sink, etc. This type of water is not considered dangerous, but if left neglected, it can quickly become harmful.

Category 2: This is “grey” water and may contain contaminants and bacteria that could be harmful to your health. At this point, it’s best to call a professional water damage company. ( A Clean Pro)

Category 3: This is “black” water and always considered most dangerous to health of occupants. Do not attempt to clean this type of water, which consists of contaminants from sewage, toilet back-ups and flood waters. Always call A Clean Pro!

While it may be inviting to grab the wet-dry vacuum and clean up water on your own, think about the risks to your health and to your family. It doesn’t take long at all for a small amount of water to become a large problem, such as mold.

Be smart — call the pros, A Clean Pro! We will be there to asses the damage and get your situation contained.

Water Damage