Pet Odor Treatments

Dealing with Pet Odor?

At A Clean Pro we offer a variety of cleaning services and pet odor treatments. Always remember to call us first (760) 245-5556! 

There are many ways to fight against urine and other smells! These home remedies are a great way to improve the smell until you can get A Clean Pro out there to fix the damage. Many times your regular cleanings are even more effective when issues of urine are address immediately.

  1. MOST IMPORTANT: Clean up accidents quickly. If pet urine is left unattended to animals may believe this is their permanent toilet area. Cleaning up the accident quickly also helps prevent the urine from seeping deeper into the carpet.
  2. Vacuum often! Depending on how many people and pets live in your home make a differences on how often. It’s best to vacuum once per week per family member. Example: A Family of four and a pet dog would vacuum five times a week!
  3. Rid hair from the upholstery and clothes fast with a lint remover!
  4. Brush your pets everyday! (they will love this)
  5. To remove hairs and dust bunnies use a swifter type combination (they are extra handy!)
  6. Also remember you can use pleasant deodorizers to temporally mask pesky odors.

Pet Odor