Pet Odor Treatments

Dealing with Pet Odor? At A Clean Pro we offer a variety of cleaning services and pet odor treatments. Always remember to call us first (760) 245-5556!  There are many ways to fight against urine and other smells! These home remedies are a great way to improve the smell until […]

Pet Odor

Vacuum Myth

Vacuum Myth

 The Myth of the Vacuum You would be hard pressed not to find this loud, electrical and often-underused mechanical device in any business, apartment or home. What is it? The vacuum cleaner. You know, that quiet sentinel in your closet that comes to life when you plug it in and push […]

Water Facts Video

Water Facts. Water affects so many areas of life. Here are some facts about water that hopefully you can find helpful. Remember Water damage is a serious issue. To keep yourself safe from mold  check out our Water Damage Page. We also give different Water Facts on our blog give […]

Frozen… but not Broken

Frozen Pipes Most people, when they think of frozen pipes in their homes, automatically think of broken pipes, gushing a huge mess that soaks carpet, subfloors , walls and more… requiring the attention of their water damage professional (A Clean Pro). But many times, a frozen pipe doesn’t necessarily become […]

Dog House : Fun Phrase Friday

Have you heard this weeks fun phrase is ” In The Dog House “? It meaning is being in someones bad graces; being punished usually by silence or scorn. History: This may have arisen from a episode in James M. Barrie’s Peter Pan (1904) in which Mr. Darling treats Nana, […]