Mattress Cleaning Fact

Mattress Fact Are you worried about how clean your mattress is? Mattresses can contain dust mites, allergens, animal hairs, urine stains and fungus spores. Your mattress may not be doubling in weight but it is most likely is doubling in germs. This could be a health concern for you and […]

Fun Phrase: Food For Thought

Happy Friday Everyone! Have you ever heard the phrase… “Food For Thought”? It means something to ponder; a productive idea. It is a classic metaphor: food is crucial for the body, and the mind works best when given things to chew on. Robert Southey wrote in A Tale of Paraguay […]

Don’t replace your sofa or chair!

Upholstery Cleaning Facts You don’t have to replace your dearest sofa or chair. At At A Clean Pro we make sure to use the most premier cleaning techniques. Also we provide protection products so that you will have lasting clean you will adore. Is your Upholstery Microfiber, Cotton, or Polyester? A Clean Pro’s technicians are trained […]

These Are Dangerous Waters

Do you Have Water Damage?   DID YOU KNOW that even a little bit of water in the wrong place can be utterly dangerous? That’s right. You want your home to be clean and dry, but once in a while, it happens… a pipe breaks, a basement floods, or a […]

Preparing for your cleaning

 Preparing For Your Cleaning Thank you for trusting A Clean Pro with your carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning needs! Here are some suggestions to help you while preparing for your cleaning . 1. Please remove any small items such as chairs, magazine racks, floor plants, etc. from any areas that are […]